Be your own Shero

Crack the code that keeps your potential caged,

unleash your feminine superpowers! 

An online coaching program for driven, heart-centered women who are ready to transform the trap of 

perfection, invisibility and limiting beliefs into feminine power and mojo, to live in their full brilliance

.......and change the world along the way.

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Do you ever wake at night feeling you aren't "enough" even though things seem great?


Tell me if this sounds familiar to you:


You have a lot of knowledge, and you are good at what you do, but you sometimes get bogged down in overwhelm or the perfection gremlins kidnap your mind?

So you just do more, try to be more, but it still isn’t “enough" -ugh!

From deep inside you, there is a faint barely audible voice calling to you.. there is more..another way..

but you don't have time to just listen, you have important things to do and the soft voice is drowned out by the noise of all the musts that cover your "to do" list.

... you are left with a mind that won’t shut off no matter what day of the week or hour of the night it is and life can feel like it is on a fast forward.

Not only is this irritating its painful and  frustrating- when you are so good at helping others and holding space for them but don’t do it for yourself. 


Have you ever felt you were made for more than the way your life is running its course?

Do you long to jump into the vibrant conversation at a work meeting or party and finally be seen for who you are, share your creative thoughts and ideas, or take on that new role at work, start that company, finally find your soul mate....


but instead you keep yourself small and invisible. To not take too much space, say the wrong thing or be judged ........

The passion and creativity you once felt starts to drain out of you and leaves an empty shell of your former vibrant self.


We live in a world that has been dominated by a power structure that no longer serves us and most of us learn to adapt to it for survival, but it often doesn’t feel like home.


It has caused many of us to feel alien in our own bodies, unable to hear or respond to our own inner voice.


It causes many of us to go underground and hideout, becoming invisible.

.... there obviously must be something wrong with you.


Did you know that research in biology has shown that only 20% of how we experience life is from the external situations around us.


80% of how we experience life is an internal interpretation, based on previous information that is already in our brain from earlier beliefs, stories and experiences. 


​Have you ever suspected that you might actually be getting in your own way

Perhaps you don’t even want to admit to yourself that YOU could be a contributing factor in what keeps you from succeeding in the way you long to and know you have the potential for!

Getting bogged down in overwhelm, kidnapped by the perfection gremlins,  playing small by hiding out-invisibility, and comparing yourself-not enough, are symtoms of your brain and unconscious minds way of protecting you from danger.


Huh?? protecting me by making my life harder?

Your amazing mind and brain have created the perfect trap to keep you stuck... and safe from what they perceives as danger.


They are amazingly effective which was great for the last 70 000 years but not so helpful now as the real amount of danger we face is rather minimal- but the mind and brain don't believe this.

They happily keep you stuck (and frustrated) it can feel like you will never be able to free yourself from their tyranny- ugh!



Within you is hidden a power source that redefines who you are and what is

possible for your life

Hi, I'm Heidi

I know the challenges of not “enough”, perfection paralysis and self doubt from the inside out.


Many  years ago when my twins were small I found it really challenging to meet their demanding needs. Even though they were amazing, I felt stuck and ashamed that I found parenting so hard.


I had loved my intense career that demanded that I work around the clock, I had felt it fun but now was overwhelming. I dreamed of somehow being able to make a positive impact in the world but just didn’t know how.


I had a super drive and felt I didn't do enough both with my work and at home. I though I just needed to work harder, so I did more.


When working harder and more led to exhaustion and depression, I found myself in constant comparison to everyone around me who looked like they were succeeding and happy.


My mind felt like a gooey mess and very far from my dreams of making an impact! I felt desperately frustrated, no matter how hard I tried it just wasn’t good enough.

“This is the best I can hope for… right?”

My then husband had a job traveling around Scandinavia teaching workshops, he would come home raving how amazing it was to connect with the people he was teaching, to be a pat of their aha moments and growth.

Instead of being happy for him I felt my stomach tighten in a knot, I felt jealous.

Then the jealousy turned to longing that hit me in a lightning moment with angels singing that this was what I wanted to do, to teach and be a part of others transformation and growth while transforming and growing myself.


But then "not enoughness" jumped in armed with a barrage of mind monsters “Who are you to teach? What would you teach anyways? Why would anyone want to listen to you? Besides.. it's really scarry to stand in front of people.”


So I ignored my longing and pushed it deep inside me.


..but that jealousy in my stomach wanted to be heard. It showed up as angry irritation, frustration, depression and a longing I couldn’t ignore.


Trying something different


I studied everything I could get my hands on. 


Using what I learned it still took time to actualise my dream of teaching transformation and I wondered if I would ever figure out how to make it happen.

It was frustrating and at times felt very dark, as "not enoughness” was my constant sidekick. 


With great coaching & support of many teachers, classes, books and heaps of

meditation I discovered how the system I grew up in led to a deep disconnect from myself

Discovering this enabled me to find the courage to confront my mind gremlins and step on the path towards being my own Shero.


In 2006 I became an art therapist and also began teaching Mindfulness & Compassion courses (MBSR) I felt so alive supporting others to create their own transformations and aha moments.Finally I knew this was my path. It was amazing!I

It felt as though I was a bud that ached to bloom and

the sun finally shone on me and I blossomed.

Your challenges are your greatest assets


Rather than being a source of pain “not enoughness” transformed into my super

power, releasing my mojo (life energy) on my Shero quest.


I’ve learned that rather than making you “not enough” and weak your challenges are your greatest assets.I can help others transform precisely because of what I have learned in daring to Be my own Shero.  


I have now taught over 120 classes in Mindfulness & compassion, lectured multiple times for the Swedish government offices, many large companies, worked with leaders and taught at Handelshögskolan…


From my earlier experience of gaining access to my authentic power and energy and through continued study on brain plasticity, and the psychology of change I created an effective evolving system, the Shero Codes, to reach what I long for. 

There have been other super important dreams and goals in my life that I have created using the Shero Codes. Manifesting my soul mate (my present husband), our dream house, and my present work.

Today I share what I discovered worked for me using the Shero Codes, with the many others I have supported both privately in coaching, in classes and lectures to gain access to “being their own Shero" and transforming their lives on their Shero quest.

I love my life. I feel a much greater sense of possibility, joy, and contentment in my daily life. I’m putting my greatest gifts to use, contributing to the world in ways that are important to me, and enjoying days filled with creativity, connection, and meaning.


This is possible for you also, no matter how stuck, frustrated or “not enough" you feel.



And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

- Anais Nin


Claiming your unique worth and stepping into your personal power gives rise to the courage you need to create the life you are meant to be living. The life that embodies your most authentic superpowers and gifts. 

Your ability to listen deep within, to hear the whispers of your intuition, creates the base of your self worth and connection to your own essence.It allows you to create and live the life that is your birthright.


A life that is in alignment with your values and full of joy, meaning, and creative mojo!  

To be the Shero of our life we need deep connection with ourselves and with others who also are on the journey to self actualising. We need help to co-create a new way for showing up in our own world. An inner power paradigm shift.


We need each other to dare uncover and unleash our superpowers, which fuels the courage needed to create the transformation that is required of us to be our own Shero and be the Shero to the world.

A Hero transforms alone, a Shero transforms with others!

Want to be the Shero of your life?

Reignite your feminine power, authentic

voice and creative mojo to create impact and

success in your life and work

Introducing the Shero bootcamp start jan 2020

In the Shero bootcamp you will gain clarity around what is keeping you stuck in old patterns, discover and release unconscious beliefs so you can finally hear and trust your inner voice again creating authentic confidence. You will uncover your unique values and superpowers that will guide you on your quest.

  • Learn the "Shero Codes" that leads to your transformation from zero power to Shero Power, and are the ground to your internal paradigm shift.

  • Receive proven tools to clear blocks and unconscious beliefs that keep you stuck in self sabotage and upper limits.

  • Gain clarity around what your superpowers are and how to expand them and profoundly change who you think you are and what you can do.

  • Cultivate a deep lasting belief in your worth and your ability to affect your life.

  • Develop the one skill you need to make decisions with confidence.

  • Gain and cultivate ongoing courage to take action with ease instead of struggle.

  • Discover what keeps you in "perfection paralysis " and how to break free.

  • Reignite your "Passion paradigm" and creative feminine Mojo filling your life with energy, and drive from your authentic feminine.

The Shero bootcamp is a 6 week online group coaching and mentorship program. At each class we will have theory, new techniques, and tools mixed with embodiment exercises for transformation.

You are encouraged to pick an intention/ goal from your work life or private life to work on during the program so you can start applying what you learn immediately. The class is based on the latest research from Positive Psychology, Contemplative Neuroscience and Self Determination Theory and the core Shero elements or "codes" needed to access your highest potential as your own Shero.

Together we find new pathways

get the early bird price now!


Deep connection

  • Deeply connect to your self  and own inner voice -it's like living with a fairy godmother who knows what you need and can guide you to create a fulfilling meaningful life.

  • Cultivate a relationship with your compassionate voice-  finally feel like you are coming home, being able to “let your hair down” and knowing you can let go of being in control and “on “ all the time.

  • Connect to others. As women deep connection to others is at the core of our biological safety system and research shows this is what brings us the deepest meaning and joy in life, as well as being the recipe for a long life.


Owning your worth

  • Create the unshakeable self confidence and courage of a true Shero, to make your impact and bring your gifts to the world.

  • Release painful limiting patterns and beliefs that keep you from access your superpowers and owning your worth.

  • Discover the blueprint for the future you desire – your career, your success, your relationships and your wellbeing – and anything else you want.

  • Transform self doubt, and overwhelm into creative inspiration and aligned action.


Passion Paradigm 

  • Uncover the source of your authentic value and fall deeply and passionately in love with yourself! 

  • Finally claim your authentic feminine power, breaking the bonds of self sabotage that have held you captive.

  • Balance your authentic feminine and masculine to create a powerful paradigm shift in your life. 

  • Transform perfection into the Passion Paradigm


Authentic Power

  • Learn to boldly own the "super" power that you do you have and learn how to use it for standing for your authentic wisdom.

  • Uncover where in you this power source lives, how to nurture and help it grow.

  • Learn how to leverage your power to make a difference in your life, to stand for yourself, and your unique ways of being in the world.

  • Connect with the powerful  knowing that you are a powerful force for good.

Change can be scary..

.....and can freak our "critter brain" out!

But when we dare to go against habitual patterns, break free of our fear of what others think, and especially challenge our own limiting perception of ourselves, we can accomplish miracles!


It is difficult to make changes. And it's even more difficult to do them on your own. 


Research shows that the absolute best tool for creating lasting change for yourself is to meet others who want the same thing!


Therefore, a group where everyone has the same goals; to grow and realise their personal feminine Power, is what you need to take the steps to do what you always dreamed about!


The Shero Bootcamp is an adventurous quest where you are both the researcher and the subject of your own research. Upon completion of the course, you will possess the knowledge and skills you need to access your mojo, personal power and authentic voice to guide your life towards your highest potential!


My proven step-by-step approach, the Shero Codes, will be your source of inspiration and knowledge on your way to your inner transformation.


With this course, with me as a guide and with your classmates as support, you will be able to reach the vision you set for yourself.

What is a Shero?


 Dictionary:  a female hero; she + hero

  • A Shero cultivates courage and dares doing things outside her comfort zone for a higher purpose she believes in .

  • A Shero is willing to question everything including her own: resistance, hiding out, overwhelm, stress, over-giving, over-doing, over-delivering, apologising, not "enoughness" and her own FEAR.

  • A Shero is driven by an inner “calling” / “voice”  to the greater good -something larger than herself. Her motivation is both (intrinsic) internal satisfaction, joy, meaning and (extrinsic) external success and impact.

  • When inline with her authentic “mission or call” she has access to her superpowers - gifts to create impact and to "shake the world gently- Ghandi".

How Does it Work?​ 

The Shero bootcamp is a group coaching and mentorship program. We will meet online each week on Thursdays. At each class we will go through new techniques, tools, how to skillfully apply them, and follow up on homework and Q&A ( question & answers)


Besides weekly online meetings, we interact daily in our own private Facebook group to support, inspire and encourage each other towards transforming our lives.


All class material, presentations (slides), video recordings, and homework assignments together with complementing material are available as downloads during and after the class as well as the recordings from our online sessions, which are held on Zoom.

Zoom is a platform similar to Skype but made for online community learning.

The Shero Bootcamp

€690  €590 

Payment Plan Option:
3 x €200
Shero Bootcamp
6 week Bootcamp
in 6 modules
+ FB Group Q&A
Shero Bootcamp VIP 
Inspired Life Masterclass
+ FB Group Q&A
+ 3 Private Coaching Sessions with Heidi

€1390  €1290 

Payment Plan Option:
3 x $440